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Where No-no Zero… securely claims in itself just like the taking Female Aloud right up a notch was the songs movies. It’s a slick, stylish concept featuring the group using latex catsuits – an easily strong browse as much as ’00s pop was concerned – when you are red-colored matter flows from the record. The camera zooms off to suggest to them wear billowing dresses made of the same cloth, if you are serious close-ups tell you they becoming has worked by the publishing machines. No no No… a rough, edgy energy, which is subsequent emphasized by indicated choreography. Given that fabric becomes more frayed, Female Out loud – today removed to their catsuits – was in the middle of taut threads, which ties perfectly to the visual title away from Tangled up. Brand new quite conceptual artistic of clips is short for a clear upgrade within the ambition and style, with full confidence presenting a group which today research convincingly such as for instance one of the greatest serves in the uk.


Probably, No-no No… does what you it should. The fresh tune is actually rationally advanced out-of Lady Aloud’s before procedure to help you consolidate their recently buoyant main-stream character, not laid out from it so much in fact that the group’s fanbase – expert within change and you can border-moving – could well be kept upset. not, they seemed to residential property somewhere within the 2 and you may was acquired having a level of apathy. Just after debuting within #64 to your packages alone, this new bodily discharge of No no No… watched they go up so you can a top away from #5. There is certainly little idea the brand new track wasn’t a knock. It absolutely was, albeit one that faded fairly easily, spending just four weeks on most readily useful forty and having an complete overall out of 150,one hundred thousand copies. One to throws new single towards the reduced-middle set of Ladies Aloud’s top-providers, however, there’s no immediately visible good reason why. This new tune stays correct on the Xenomania algorithm (within the doing that implies anything), and you will critics was basically certain that have supplement. No-no Zero… really does riff a little to your earlier moves; it’s hardly bereft regarding creativity. There has emerged a thought the track really works best to in the context of Tangled up, which is probably true to some extent, and may even go some way so you’re able to outlining this new chart results.

Very, whenever you are No no Zero… was a next-top comeback in a number of suggests, it actually was quicker therefore when you look at the a commercial feel. To not matter since the, because those individuals accustomed Women Aloud’s record album ways were all also alert, that they had an innate capability to come through to your 2nd solitary. And this try not an exception.

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It is far from since if the rest of the tune falls quick. The stuttered delivery of your verse – that can increases since the a keen outro – is delivered having an optimistic swagger: “However for a whenever i fell you to d-d-filthy concept, as i discovered that site web link it is horny, sexy”. Plus the article-chorus (otherwise what is actually fundamentally shown given that) draws a failsafe key by the recycling cleanup bits of an element of the prevent: “From top to bottom, I’m the woman, sunshine (whisper honey? No, no, zero. You may be juicy?) Ain’t zero really reasoning you will be making my personal front (do you rating his number? Zero, no, zero. Rating your right up having java?)”, with reliably fantastic results. No-no No… are an enthusiastic unrelenting beast and a tour-de-force out-of a pop music tune. However, it does become – merely ever so a little – also excessively conscious of what it’s supposed to perform and you can closes right up faithfully doing work as a consequence of a list out of constituent issue. If that try the new purpose, it really works. However, Xenomania do not usually work in particularly a transparent means and are often at their best whenever there isn’t any discernible show out-of envision whatsoever.

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