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Inside the Still Fighting It (2), Eli could have been ditching class and you may to stop Clare

When Adam involves Eli and you may claims he is to tell Clare what taking place that have him. Eli claims one to “she doesn’t need to learn.” Adam states, over-exaggerating, you to Clare is actually “passing away,” that renders Eli glare on Adam. Eli understands exactly how mean he’s are in order to the woman, but gently adds, “When I’m around the lady, the I can think about is getting the girl so you’re able to kiss me.” Adam is actually insistent, but Eli solidly says that it’s for Clare’s work for that he could be overlooking her.

Later, Clare comes up on Eli’s house just after delivering their target out of Adam – Eli seems familiar with so it, muttering “Dammit, Adam.” – and you will sadly claims whenever he can’t no less than tell the woman as to the reasons the guy cannot for example the woman, then she can’t be as much as him. He says one to possibly that’s to find the best, and you can she angrily states you to definitely they will have lost per other people date, and you will actually starts to walk off. Eli finishes this lady, and you may informs her which he believes it’s time it took a beneficial experience. He requires Clare towards the place where their partner died, and informs their he loves this lady, however, the guy cannot deserve are along with her, while the the guy killed their partner. 24 hours later, he’s viewed with Clare, Adam, and you will Ms. Dawes due to their videos assignment, towards making out, and that Ms. Clare claims you to she still desires they could change the ending, in order for Juliet gets Romeo a while, of course referring to their and you can Eli. Eli says that he wants you to definitely idea.

The very next day, your day guys’ night was designed to happens, he goes toward The latest Mark and you can sees Eli and Clare clinging away

From inside the Purple Tablets (1), Adam can make agreements having Eli during the Dot so you can hangout to possess an effective guys’ nights. Fitz is available in and you will starts to tease him or her, but Eli simply glares within him in which he soon will leave. Eli informs Adam that he cannot go out just like the he has to remain home and read, hurtful him. Adam is actually damage, however, Eli tries to explain which he very wished to discover Clare and you may don’t want to make Adam be overlooked because of the informing your the actual situation.

At school 24 hours later Adam ignores Eli and you may Clare inside the this new cafeteria, seated that have Fitz alternatively. Adam try perplexed because of the just how friendly Fitz will be to help you him, however, cannot question it. It consume meal and mock Eli, which Eli overhears. At mark immediately following college or university, Eli apologizes having bailing on the plans. Adam claims it’s okay and you may informs him throughout the other battle that’s coming on however, Eli informs your they have arrangements having Clare but he is name him afterwards. Adam gets resentful and claims the guy does not want Eli’s shame. Eli tells your not to feel such as for instance a girl and Adam propels your an outraged search. Eli attempts to amend their statement, but Adam was furious. Eli says to Adam Fitz isn’t a genuine friend however, Adam just calls him jealous and you can paranoid. Eli smirks and you may says “I really do shame your. You’re making a large error,” and you will strolls out.

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From inside the Red-colored Tablets (2), Eli is seen catching up with Adam in the hall, who’s going to confront Fitz. Eli are not aware to that until the guy notices your strolling toward Fitz angrily and punches him on the belly. The guy attempts to intervene, however, Adam pushes your aside, stating “I’m able to endeavor my own personal battles.” Fitz next announces he’ll endeavor Adam after college or university, and that Adam allows.

Dawes likes

Adam, who’s with the punching wallet about lbs area. Adam won’t tune in, and you may treks out. Eli try silent and you can Clare states “Just what, for a change you may have zero sly package up your case?” to which Eli reactions giving the woman an unsatisfied search and you may strolls out. Afterwards, Eli meets up with Adam near a college coach and you can states he will resist Fitz that have your. After, Fitz comes out of your own college and Adam initiate pushing your immediately. Fitz does not want to hit Adam therefore he punches Eli rather. Following school is actually exhausted because of Clare’s stink bomb, the fight dissipates and you can Eli and Adam hop out the view to help you avoid way more difficulties.

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