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Aizawa fundamentally match Close and you will reveals more information about your Death Note

Mello pulls Kanzo Mogi of one’s Japanese Task Force so you’re able to The newest York and with the give away from Near additionally the SPK. Convinced that Near and you may Mello are usually into the category with each almost every other, Mogi does not want to talk, but Near and you may Mello’s subsequent talk over the phone or any other events direct Mogi and you will Aizawa in order to are convinced that White Yagami can get be Kira after all, even if they forget, because it’s according to trusting Mello, a sworn enemy, and his awesome states concerning fake laws and regulations. Near gets Lidner to pass these details on to Mello, apart from that they have today recognized Light Yagami because the brand new L while the perfect suspect to possess Kira. Mello has become registered by the Matt, another kid out-of Wammy’s Household. It go after Aizawa and you may Mogi back once again to La and this prospects these to spying for the Misa Amane plus the Activity Push Hq. According to the advice passed on from the Lidner, Mello guesses you to definitely Misa is the Second Kira, even though she effects your once the very feather-brained that it is unbelievable Kira ever willingly employed their. But not, the guy as well as closes getting themselves one her boyfriend, White Yagami, is actually L.

Mello kidnaps Kiyomi Takada by having Matt attack Takada’s motorcade which have a petrol grenade

Misa plus the Task Force come back to The japanese where in actuality the cops detectives want to look at the Kiyomi Takada, a tv speaker that has been produced Kira’s the newest representative. Mello and Matt go after him or her and continue steadily to song Misa and Mogi. Mello had to start with planned to make Dying Note out-of Misa but determines never to, finishing that the woman is maybe not the following Kira more.

(During this period regarding manga, Mello and Matt’s moves try not familiar. Another 11 sections, that cover a time period of nearly a couple months, focus on Light Yagami’s meetings that have Takada in addition to SPK’s research out of Teru Mikami, that has been trusted that have a passing Notice and continues on this new killings below Light’s faraway oversight.)

Lidner informs Mello of Near’s intend to establish and you can take Kira. Time is essential, and there are just a short while going before bundle is actually used. Mello pushes through to a motorbike and will be offering for taking Takada so you’re able to shelter. On confusion, sufficient reason for encouragement out-of Lidner, Takada believes, maybe not realizing it is actually Mello until it is too late so you’re able to get-off. Shortly after a chase, Mello could probably avert Takada’s guards and tresses the lady in a distribution truck. While riding the lady to some other location, Mello observes toward his smartphone television one Matt was cornered from the Takada’s guards and you will murdered during the good hail off gunfire – some thing he’d perhaps not expected and you can regrets.

Mello forces Takada so you’re able to remove attain gone people recording equipment; yet not, the guy lets the woman to fund herself having good blanket. This shows are his undoing, as the this lady has a piece of Mikami’s Death Mention hidden within the the woman clothes and the blanket lets this lady to full cover up it. As she knows Mello’s real label regarding Light, Takada uses this new undetectable bit of the Demise Mention in order to eliminate your.

Dictate after demise

Up on reading away from Takada’s kidnapping, Teru Mikami takes their Passing Notice away from a bank put field and you will uses it to make her kill by herself by the setting fire towards truck and ruining all of the evidence – unaware one to Light themselves has used a piece of the brand new Passing Note to have the lady doing a similar thing one minute just before Mikami set it.

This step with the Mikami’s part , inspired of the Mello’s steps, need your to check out the lending company the afternoon just after the guy was already around, which is a-sudden breach out of their usually careful designs. This alerts Near’s agent, Gevanni, to the located area of the real Demise Note regarding financial and you may enables them to grab it, reduce Light Yagami, and you will introduce your since Kira.

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